Discipline Policy

Discipline Policy

At the beginning of the school year, your child will bring home a booklet outlining the Kanawha County Schools Discipline Policy.  Please keep this for future reference.  You may also view the Parent Handbook, which can be found on the Kanawha County Schools Web Site.

A Demerit System has been implemented; the following are examples of problems that may require the action of a demerit being given to a student.  Each grade level team may have some additions or modifications:

Gum                                         Going to waste basket

Excessive Talking                   Minor distraction to others

Sleeping in class                     Tardy to class

Not paying attention               Late return from restroom

Not Working                           Others (as teachers deem necessary)

Out of seat after class begins        Late or no homework


Upon three demerits, students are reminded by the classroom teacher and the Assistant Principal of the continuing problem.  Upon reaching the fourth demerit, students will be assigned After School Detention .  Other school offenses may result in immediate After-School Detention.

For After School Detention, students will be given written notification to bring home to parents notifying them that their child has After School Detention. Parents should sign the pink copy and have their child return it to school.  Every attempt is made to workout arrangements for your child’s After School Detention.  If you need to change the date of the detention, simply send a note by your child and return it to the Assistant Principal.

Failure to complete detention may result in additional days or suspension.


When it becomes necessary to suspend a student from school, the following procedure will be followed:

Student & administrator conference

Phone call to parent or guardian

A letter sent via US Mail will be mailed to parent

A copy of suspension and reason (s) for suspension will be given to student, in addition to the US Mail.

Conference or phone conversation with parent (s) is mandatory before student may return to school.

Please keep in mind that a suspended student must stay away from any and all property owned by Kanawha County Schools.  This includes Oakes Field and Oakes Field Gym.

Students may not participate in any school activities during the suspension period.

Violating school or county policies on school buses may result in suspension .