Health and Medical Information

Health and Medical Information


When medication is necessary for a child’s well being, it is usually possible to schedule administration times in  a home setting.  Always check with your child’s physician before asking the school staff to administer medication to your child.  We are asking for your cooperation when it is necessary to maintain a student’s health and/or to help them attend school regularly and to perform to the best of their ability. Because of the responsibility placed upon the staff for giving the correct medication in proper dosage, we ask that you follow these guidelines:


Each medication must be brought to school in a properly labeled container from the pharmacy.  You should ask the pharmacist to label two containers-one for school and one for home.

If the medication must be given for more than 21 days, we must have a current doctor’s order form on file at school.  You may obtain this form from the school.  This form must be completed and signed by the physician and signed by the parent or guardian.

If the medicine is given for less than 21 days, such as antibiotics, we must have a signed note from the parent or guardian.


Medicine, such as cough syrup or Tylenol, can be given for a period of up to three school days with your written directions.  Medicine must be in the original bottle, complete with the manufacturer’s directions and labeled by you with your child’s name.

We CANNOT , under any circumstances administer medicine brought to school in a plastic bag, envelope, or unlabeled container.

The administration of medication to students is the primary responsibility of the parent or guardian.  We will assume the responsibility, because we care about children’s health and their attendance and performance at school.



Beginning this school year, you will receive an additional form to complete, which will remain with the school nurse in case of emergency.  This will include such pertinent information as medical conditions, medications, etc.  It is extremely important that this form be completed in its entirety and returned to school, along with the standard “Emergency Card.”