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Attendance Policy

All students are expected to attend school everyday unless prevented by illness or emergency. If there are any question your part on whether your child should stay home when not feeling well, think in terms of a "rule of three:" If your child experiences vomiting, diarrhea, or fever, STAY HOME. Otherwise, they need to come to school and most likely will feel better as the day goes by.

Please be aware that absences can easily lead to academic problems. Following an absence from school, for any reason, you need to send a note with your child explaining the absence. It is highly encouraged to make medical/dental appointments outside of school operating hours. If the absence is due to a doctor/dental appointment, please obtain an excuse from the doctor/dentist and send it to school upon student's return.

When a student has ten or more unexcused absences, parent(s) will be sent a letter from the attendance director. Having medical/dental excuses will be necessary should there be any questions of excused or unexcused absences.

Being on time for school/class and prepared is very important. Your child is counted as "tardy" if they enter the classroom after the last bell. (STUDENTS MUST COME TO THE OFFICE FOR AN ADMIT BEFORE GOING TO HOMEROOM OR CLASS) Students, who arrive late without a medical, dental, or legal reason, will be given automatic lunch detention for that day. This detention does not appear on their discipline record unless excessive tardies to a specific class has been noted.

School attendance and prompt arrival to school are the responsibilities of students and parents. It is our responsibility as an educational institution to provide daily instruction. Any activity that detracts from our goal to provide quality education for our students will be discouraged.

If your child has been scheduled for a doctor or dentist appointment or any excused or unexcused early release from school, please send a note of the necessary dismissal time and have your child receive an "Early Dismissal" note. INSTRUCT your child to present this to the teacher upon entering class. It will be the student's responsibility to leave class at the designated time and come to the office to wait for their parents. With little or no office helpers this year, it is often difficult to locate the student, particularly if they are in gym, band, chorus, or lunch.

PARENTS MUST COME TO THE OFFICE AND PERSONALLY "SIGN-OUT" THEIR CHILD. Only those individuals whose name appears on the student's,"EMERGENCY CARD " may "sign-out" a student. When you receive the emergency card on the first day of school, please list (use reverse side if necessary) all responsible individuals who may "sign-out" your child. NO STUDENT WILL BE PERMITTED TO LEAVE THE BUILDING WITH ANYONE WHOSE NAME IS NOT LISTED ON THE EMERGENCY CARD

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